Tips and Advice

Travel in peace and enjoy the best of your trip. We leave you some tips to help you on your domestic and international trips.

Our employees will help you with important tips - how to get visas, whether to bring cash or credit card, where it is better to change money and what local customs - food, clothing, religion, tips and more.

Small details make the difference when traveling.
  • The passport is an international identification document that contains your personal data, stamps and visas with the permission of your entry, transit or stay in other countries - if necessary.
  • If you go abroad, try your passport in advance and check the expiration date. Some countries require a validity period of 6 months from the date of travel.
  • All foreign passengers (whether or not residing in national territory) should consult their embassy or consulate in order to know if there are restrictions.

  • All children must carry Identity Card / Citizen Card or Passport.
  • Unaccompanied minors must have a Declaration / Authorization duly signed by the parents and recognized by the notary and a photocopy of the Identity Cards / Citizen Cards of the parents.

  • Identify the luggage - inside and outside - with name, address, contact. Also put external signs like a tape, a scratch of ink, to more easily identify your suitcase.
  • Always check the label when removing the luggage from the carpet to avoid carrying a suitcase. Helps save a lot of time and gourd pain.
  • We recommend that you arrive at the airport at least two hours before departure in case of international travel. The closer to the boarding time, the higher the queue. Many companies already have check in online, which saves time, but only if you do not have to check your luggage in the basement.

  • When you receive your travel documents, check all the data - names, dates, flight numbers and times. Also check which airport / terminal to destination and departure. Some European cities have several airports / terminals - Madrid, Paris, London, etc.
  • Make two copies of all documents before departure. Take one with you and leave the other with a contact person in the country of origin. In case of theft or loss can help streamline processes.

  • Many religious places do not allow entry with the body short. The use of shorts or sleeveless clothing may prevent you from visiting some places.Inquire about the weather in the destination - daytime and nighttime temperatures - and choose suitable clothes.
  • Never leave your bag for the last few hours. Forgetting essential things can lead to extra spending on the destination and on the tourist sites all costs more expensive.

  • Check the electrical voltage in the destination country. In airports there are always adapters to other types of outlets and voltages
  • Take some money exchanged for tips. Please inform yourself of the common practice in the country of destination.

  1. You will not expect to find things as if you were at home, because you leave your house to find different things.
  2. You will not find yourself superior to the natives you meet because they, being financially poorer than you, have much wealth to convey to you. Learn to recognize it and you will return richer.
  3. You will always dare to experience what you do not know because the best travel memories you will bring are those exciting adventures.
  4. You will not forget to take half the things you think you need and double the money.
  5. You will not forget at any moment where your passport is because a traveler without a passport is a person without a country.
  6. You will not look very seriously at what makes you strange because a freed and tolerant spirit is the starting point for a good vacation.
  7. You will not be unnerved by other travelers because your only purpose is to pay good money to have a good vacation. Always remember that few things are fatal.
  8. You will not judge the people of other countries by the person who once loved you.
  9. You will not look much like a tourist - when in Rome you try to look like the Romans and you will avoid displeasure.
  10. You will not forget to apply yourself with art during your visit because the one who treats your host with respect and courtesy will always be received as a welcome guest.
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